Redefin(d)ing the stars


something like nothing else…

perhaps i’ve been
some highly guarded fortress
a prisoner
of a cold demise
but somehow
from the very beginning
she touched me
in the places
no one has seen
freeing me
and from my watchtower
i watched
as my walls burnt to the ground
for the fire in my soul
felt something like nothing else
in hers
so i wasn’t going to let her
be stuck on the outside
i wasn’t going to
leave her to the cold world
when everything in me
is on fire for her
everything in me
calls for her
to come in
-joshua ryan stewart


It’s me

maybe it is

it’s not you
it’s me

because from the moment
i knew of your existence
i fell in love
with you
but that’s the thing
i always loved you
for who you are
so it’s not you
it’s me
because perhaps
i love being
a hopeful romantic
a gentleman
a dreamer
a believer
a lover and a fighter
honest and real
so maybe it is
it’s not you
it’s me
because i wouldn’t change
a goddamn thing
about you
expect or assume
you to be anything
but you
so it’s not you
it’s me
and perhaps
this is a mistake
but i can’t feel like
a mistake
for who i was
because who i have
worked so hard to be
who i am
maybe it is

it’s not you
it’s me
-joshua ryan stewart



i fight myself 

about a lot of things
but never about her
although at times
i do think twice about
saying she is gorgeous
not because she isn’t
she absolutely is
but it’s more than
just how her soft skin
covers her
it’s more than
her big gorgeous brown eyes
her juicy lips
her pleasurable voice
the way she pronounces my name
the way she giggles
her passionate heart
her mesmerizing soul
her captivating mind
it’s the pure honest realness
she gives me
that made me realize
and appreciate
how beautiful she truly is
so i think twice
because something real
is fucking rare
something real
has a beauty of its own
and she is
she is real
-joshua ryan stewart 


For what remains beyond remembering… 

To me it’s not what I can take from this world. But what I may be able to leave behind. Not a legacy to be remembered for me, but something more than I could ever be. Because I can’t tell you about tomorrow. But by looking at yesterday… I know what won’t work today. Looking throughout histories  beyond my own. Hate or greed has paid for this world, tenfold and holding the change. Judgement has left innocence a bystander of collateral damage… Differences have torn us apart from a part that’s all of us. As it’s called survival. But what is truly surviving in the living or dying within all of us. 

-Joshua Ryan Stewart


Sweetheart, let’s elevate… 

let the dogs 

chase their tails 

their silly little games 

and let us 

rise above 

because darlin 

we are 

a league of our own 

the difference between 

a dreamer 

who doesn’t believe in magic 

and the go-getter 

who knows they are the magic 

where our potential

can’t be reached 

by running around 

but by building up 

so sweetheart 

let’s elevate 

-joshua ryan stewart


A wild kind of calmness… 

there’s a wild kind of 

calmness  in me 

even though 

the chaos around me 

always spins around 

at times 

taking cheap shots 

to my kidneys 


i’ve always been able to 

take these hits 

but i’ve realized 

within the chaos 

my heart 

searches for you 

and within silence 

my soul 

finds you 

-joshua ryan stewart