Speaks in poetry… 

trying to express 


break this down 

what is within my heart

as it spreads

 throughout my existence 

like wildfire 


like wildlife 

as my mind goes wild

trying to keep up 

with my heart and soul

all crazy about you

 a lady so fine

damn girl 

i can not define 

exactly what

you do to me

but it gives me life 

it is the best kind of crazy

 i have known

pure and wild 

yet comforting and calm 

 as my knots unravel 

beautifully within butterflies

and these blushing smiles

 my soul dances beyond these words

once held within my heart 

as dreams 

now speaks 

in poetry 

for yours

-joshua ryan stewart 



With a passion in her eyes, 

flattering what was in mine. 

We both yearn for each other. 

And I thought… 

This must be what it feels like. 

When the moon, 

gives the oceans… 


-Joshua Ryan Stewart


Within all the things… 

I don’t need her trying to be 

My everything 

Because I want her to breathe 

And be 

Whoever the fuck she wants to be 

I don’t need to be 

Her entire world 

She needs her own 

I just want to be the part 

She calls hers 

In a special way 

The place she can be free 

Within wildly passionate feels 

Soft peaceful vibes 

And if her mind 

Needs to slow the world 

I’ll blur the world 

Softly embracing hers 

So she can focus 

On what she needs 

Because I love that girl 

I don’t have to be 

Her everything 

Just the place 

That is hers 

Within all the things 

-Joshua Ryan Stewart