outplayed riddles… 

you can give me 

those same banal lines 

that echo from 

every drawn out 

one night stand

i’ve ever known 

but don’t play 

a dangerous game

of half-assed actions 

and piteous intentions 

just because 

it’s all you’ve known 

because darling 

i’m not here 

to tally up 

outplayed riddles 

that i can’t make 

the difference in 

i’m here hoping 

we can give a difference 

to what we’ve known 

-joshua ryan stewart


i chose my silence… 

i was laying there rambling 

and smiling like an idiot 

letting go of the thoughts 

i tend to keep for myself 

ever so eager to listen 

to what you had to say 

about anything 

until i hit a wall 

that you threw at me 

and as stupid as it sounds 

i felt blocked out 

like standing outside of a kingdom 

i was just exiled from 

so i chose my silence 

as a broken heart 

laying here alone 

but not for pride 

not for fear 

or even for me 

because i’ve torn down walls 

and screamed battle cries 

but it would be selfish

to tear down a wall 

within the same name 

it was built for 

-joshua ryan stewart


of ruins and kingdoms… 

I’d ask where my sanity has gone

But sanity has always been too mundane

For the likes of me

I have a few souls that I call friends

Because they bare themselves 

In the most beautiful ways

Without trying to influence me

But their actions inspire me

I could be just as cold

For what has tried to be sold to me 

Don’t you know

Cheaters and abusers

I’ve known them all 

A time or two I’ve been left in the rain

That’s where I first fell in love

Not with the pain but the chance 

Where two left feet learn to dance

Without a care

Naked as I bear 

The simplest of pleasures

Cleansing my soul within in the storm

That I hold inside 

Where I’ve been left to behold 

The ruins those lost souls left me with

Is a kingdom and a blessing 

Worth wandering 

-Joshua Ryan Stewart


same particle… 


within this life 

is connected 


so perhaps 

that is why 

i have believed in 

the idea of soulmates 

like finding 

another part of you 

formed from the same particle 

across space and time 

and how amazing it would be 

to find 

just one part 

of those pieces 

within a single lifetime 

-joshua ryan stewart


worth the distance

wandering within the distances 
that i cannot always see 

feeling inside of me 

what i cannot 

psychically touch 

no matter how hard 

i have stretched to reach 

everything drifts away 

from me 

pulling to push 

i fall to my knees 


yet left unconquered 

in a wasteland 

of skin covered bones 

locked inside 

so from the inside out 

i bleed 

without losing blood 

because i still have faith 

there is a difference in me 

worth the distance 


-joshua ryan stewart