Learn this dance… 

i was taught 

to hold my own 

to speak the truth 

and show it 


that outlandish middle child 

who never needed attention 

from the world 

although i crave 

just one 

and perhaps my personality 

calls out to crowds 

that i’ve always walked away from 

fueled by the values 

beyond a broken society 

a class clown 

skipping class 

and acing the tests 

because knowledge 

has always been easier than 


screaming out loud 

within whispers 

please say my name 

like you love me 

beyond your pain 

see the secrets 

held within my eyes 

and let’s stomp this ground 

learn this dance 

and feel our way through 

breathing out the insignificance 

and learning that 

what there is to give 

is more than 

what we’ve been taught 

-joshua ryan stewart


Made of soul, and born from heart… 

you showed me your heart

told me to come inside

it was mine 

and good lord 

did i not hesitate 

to break my cage 

of self made shackles 

like fragile bones 

to follow my heart 

into yours 

where i’ve found 


beyond all my wandering dreams 

and even at times 

when it goes black 

and you feel like winter 

i brave the darkness and the cold 

because when a fighter 

finally finds something 

worth fighting for 

they become a warrior 

made of soul 

and born from heart 

-joshua ryan stewart 


Within all the things… 

I don’t need her trying to be 

My everything 

Because I want her to breathe 

And be 

Whoever the fuck she wants to be 

I don’t need to be 

Her entire world 

She needs her own 

I just want to be the part 

She calls hers 

In a special way 

The place she can be free 

Within wildly passionate feels 

Soft peaceful vibes 

And if her mind 

Needs to slow the world 

I’ll blur the world 

Softly embracing hers 

So she can focus 

On what she needs 

Because I love that girl 

I don’t have to be 

Her everything 

Just the place 

That is hers 

Within all the things 

-Joshua Ryan Stewart


The place I couldn’t see, until I saw you… 

i’v​e slept under the stars

and chased their dead 

falling from the sky 

i’ve danced in the rain 

and shed my pain 

like a goddamn lunatic 

lacking my moon 

and felt the winds 

as they eddied around me 

where i’ve been found 

tossed around 

traveling miles

trying not to find anything 

just something worth 

getting lost over 

to the roads end

just to begin

but i have to say

my darlin

within your gorgeous eyes

you hold the best adventure 

my heart and soul 

has been waiting for 

your spirit of life 

has returned life to my bones 

for the place i couldn’t see

until i saw you 

-joshua ryan stewart


Tale of a big heart… 

Perhaps I was draining myself

Trying to keep you together

Trying to keep you from falling back 

Into dark times 

Because I know 

How bad it feels 

To feel all alone 

And lord knows 

I love you 

Obviously more than 

My own sanity 

Yet I don’t regret any of it

I just hate feeling used 

As I’m left 

Being misunderstood 


And feeling abused 

-Joshua Ryan Stewart


it’s okay… 

i haven’t always been okay 

but that is okay 

i tend to keep to myself 

because everyone 

is worried about 

something else 

and most of my life 

i didn’t have anyone 

to hear me 

to help me heal 

by just listening 

and by being here 

as well as 

if i could trust them 

to feel me 

without making it 

something complicated 

and perhaps 

i am okay 

with not always 

being okay 

because how could i 

help anyone else 

if i didn’t know 

how it feels to talk

yet never be heard 

how it feels to be talked to 

yet ignored 

-joshua ryan stewart