something like nothing else…

perhaps i’ve been
some highly guarded fortress
a prisoner
of a cold demise
but somehow
from the very beginning
she touched me
in the places
no one has seen
freeing me
and from my watchtower
i watched
as my walls burnt to the ground
for the fire in my soul
felt something like nothing else
in hers
so i wasn’t going to let her
be stuck on the outside
i wasn’t going to
leave her to the cold world
when everything in me
is on fire for her
everything in me
calls for her
to come in
-joshua ryan stewart


It’s me

maybe it is

it’s not you
it’s me

because from the moment
i knew of your existence
i fell in love
with you
but that’s the thing
i always loved you
for who you are
so it’s not you
it’s me
because perhaps
i love being
a hopeful romantic
a gentleman
a dreamer
a believer
a lover and a fighter
honest and real
so maybe it is
it’s not you
it’s me
because i wouldn’t change
a goddamn thing
about you
expect or assume
you to be anything
but you
so it’s not you
it’s me
and perhaps
this is a mistake
but i can’t feel like
a mistake
for who i was
because who i have
worked so hard to be
who i am
maybe it is

it’s not you
it’s me
-joshua ryan stewart