Speaks in poetry… 

trying to express 


break this down 

what is within my heart

as it spreads

 throughout my existence 

like wildfire 


like wildlife 

as my mind goes wild

trying to keep up 

with my heart and soul

all crazy about you

 a lady so fine

damn girl 

i can not define 

exactly what

you do to me

but it gives me life 

it is the best kind of crazy

 i have known

pure and wild 

yet comforting and calm 

 as my knots unravel 

beautifully within butterflies

and these blushing smiles

 my soul dances beyond these words

once held within my heart 

as dreams 

now speaks 

in poetry 

for yours

-joshua ryan stewart 


Sweetheart, let’s elevate… 

let the dogs 

chase their tails 

their silly little games 

and let us 

rise above 

because darlin 

we are 

a league of our own 

the difference between 

a dreamer 

who doesn’t believe in magic 

and the go-getter 

who knows they are the magic 

where our potential

can’t be reached 

by running around 

but by building up 

so sweetheart 

let’s elevate 

-joshua ryan stewart


A wild kind of calmness… 

there’s a wild kind of 

calmness  in me 

even though 

the chaos around me 

always spins around 

at times 

taking cheap shots 

to my kidneys 


i’ve always been able to 

take these hits 

but i’ve realized 

within the chaos 

my heart 

searches for you 

and within silence 

my soul 

finds you 

-joshua ryan stewart 


Learn this dance… 

i was taught 

to hold my own 

to speak the truth 

and show it 


that outlandish middle child 

who never needed attention 

from the world 

although i crave 

just one 

and perhaps my personality 

calls out to crowds 

that i’ve always walked away from 

fueled by the values 

beyond a broken society 

a class clown 

skipping class 

and acing the tests 

because knowledge 

has always been easier than 


screaming out loud 

within whispers 

please say my name 

like you love me 

beyond your pain 

see the secrets 

held within my eyes 

and let’s stomp this ground 

learn this dance 

and feel our way through 

breathing out the insignificance 

and learning that 

what there is to give 

is more than 

what we’ve been taught 

-joshua ryan stewart


Made of soul, and born from heart… 

you showed me your heart

told me to come inside

it was mine 

and good lord 

did i not hesitate 

to break my cage 

of self made shackles 

like fragile bones 

to follow my heart 

into yours 

where i’ve found 


beyond all my wandering dreams 

and even at times 

when it goes black 

and you feel like winter 

i brave the darkness and the cold 

because when a fighter 

finally finds something 

worth fighting for 

they become a warrior 

made of soul 

and born from heart 

-joshua ryan stewart