it’s okay… 

i haven’t always been okay 

but that is okay 

i tend to keep to myself 

because everyone 

is worried about 

something else 

and most of my life 

i didn’t have anyone 

to hear me 

to help me heal 

by just listening 

and by being here 

as well as 

if i could trust them 

to feel me 

without making it 

something complicated 

and perhaps 

i am okay 

with not always 

being okay 

because how could i 

help anyone else 

if i didn’t know 

how it feels to talk

yet never be heard 

how it feels to be talked to 

yet ignored 

-joshua ryan stewart


living out loud 

dreaming out loud 

with your half opened smile 

calling you mine 


as you call out the wild 

that perhaps 

i never truly lost 

in me 

but for what slept 

awaiting you 

a worthwhile notion 

to be crazily free 


what i may call our dreams 

but knowing 

they’re more than that 

because what i’ve found beyond 

your half opened smile 

is more than i’ve dreamt of 

so darling 

my darling 

as we dream out loud 

know that i am 

living out loud 

beyond my wildest dreams 

with you 

-joshua ryan stewart


it’s this poetry(ours)… 

i’m going to make poetry 

upon your skin 

as my touch

leaves you trembling 

within an ecstacy 

that you are more than 


to me 

as i gently kiss my way 

pulling you in closer 

than close 

to feel my way 

beyond these so called sins 

to feel your entire existence 

freeing mine to yours 

because darling 

reading you like a story 

will never justify 

the poetry 

i not only feel in you 

or give you to feel in me

it’s this poetry 

we are making 


-joshua ryan stewart