forever willing to break… 

calculating the possibilities 

held beyond me 

daydreaming forever 

between the distances 

of my heart and soul 

yet i am pondering 

the weight that’s not mine 

capable of pulling apart 

the divide 

or is that 

the divine 

held in us 

and how i would break 

to save you the pain of 

any divide 

where i am pondering 

what i don’t have to choose 

because darling 

if it comes to you or me 

i’ll take all the pain 

because i would rather own 

this abyss 

all by myself 

than to give you 

the slightest emptiness 

that i can’t fill 

although this isn’t me 

running away 

this is me 

making a decision 

if ever 

the distances 

start to divide 

i’ll lose this so called divine 

in me 

to save what 

i’ve always known 

was special in you 

-joshua ryan stewart


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