of ruins and kingdoms… 

I’d ask where my sanity has gone

But sanity has always been too mundane

For the likes of me

I have a few souls that I call friends

Because they bare themselves 

In the most beautiful ways

Without trying to influence me

But their actions inspire me

I could be just as cold

For what has tried to be sold to me 

Don’t you know

Cheaters and abusers

I’ve known them all 

A time or two I’ve been left in the rain

That’s where I first fell in love

Not with the pain but the chance 

Where two left feet learn to dance

Without a care

Naked as I bear 

The simplest of pleasures

Cleansing my soul within in the storm

That I hold inside 

Where I’ve been left to behold 

The ruins those lost souls left me with

Is a kingdom and a blessing 

Worth wandering 

-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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