of decisions… 

wandering through 

ruins of the damned 

wishing upon the winds 

for what it carries away 

for what it brings 

and for what 


i find myself 

not pondering 

about too much of anything 

yet daydreaming 

while wandering aimlessly 

because of decisions 

i’m not afraid to take 

of decisions 

that were made for me 

and of decisions 

i can’t let myself be 

because there’s no slowing down 

and the only holding on 

i have to do is 

to this ground 

before my ashes 

crumble down 

-joshua ryan stewart



i miss my rambling 

of cute and cheesy things 

that perhaps 

wasn’t anything more than 

sweet little whispers 

and pillow talks 

to anyone else 

i’ve said them to 

and i miss my walks 

where i’m not always 

rambling by myself 

feeling out of place 

yet i miss those things 

not for the ones 

who i shared them with 

but for a rambling rose 

i hope climbs me 

filling in the holes 

these old rambling bones 


-joshua ryan stewart