broken down… 

​i’ve been no stranger to broken down cars 

being left stranded in the middle of nowhere 

and perhaps one night comes to mind 

i was out on one of those dates 

something i didn’t get to do often 

and damn near non-existent within recent years 

i remember driving around after the double feature 

into the early morning 

a little buzzed and head over heels for a little lady 

who always made driving 

rather dangerous 

because like einstein said 

“any man who can drive safely 

while kissing a pretty girl 

is simply not giving the kiss 

the attention it deserves”

but we broke down three miles from town 

it was a cool autumn morning 

while we walked in the misty dew 

up and down the hills 

through the curves 

laughing out loud 

upon the moonlit blacktop 

we were tired by the time we got to town 

but we made it there together 

and i found her a way home 


that’s my point of this story 

i’m no stranger to being broken down 

but it hasn’t stopped me yet 

from getting there to here 

it just gives me the chance to feel the roads 

on my way home 

-joshua ryan stewart


living a city minute while walking a country mile… 

​i’ve been told 

to slow it down 

like there’s something wrong with 

living in a city minute 

while walking a country mile 

staring at the clouds 


rambling about 

the in betweens 

but i know 

this won’t last long 

so you better pay attention 

soak it all in 

while it moves you along 

because i don’t pretend 

that i’ll be young forever 

but darling 

i want to get lost 

in every minute possible 

as i hope my days 

are made 

growing old with yours 

-joshua ryan stewart


built from battles 

​i feel like 

a wandering fortress

without walls 

built from battles 

to challenge wars 

yet a prisoner 

i am 

amongst walls 


forbidden territories 

although i don’t know 

if these walls 

are to keep me out 

or to keep them in 

all i know is 

i was built from battles 

to challenge wars 

-joshua ryan stewart