for what they gave me… 

​there’s a movie ticket 

from a theater in ohio 

framed behind glass 

with some words 

hanging on my bedroom wall 

just one of many memories 

i like to keep close 

like the warning ticket 

i got for speeding on i-29 

just south of the alcester exit 

in south dakota 

or a bed side note 

left in my notebook 

and a post-it note 

telling me how she wanted her latte 

from dunkin donuts 

just a block or so down from 

the hotel pennsylvania in new york city 

which i still carry 

the room key in my wallet 

to a ring 

laying on top of my dresser 

from nine trips around that sun 

where i learned a lot about change 

and watching someone leave 

but you see 

i don’t keep these things 

for what was lost 

i keep them 

for what they gave me 

somewhere along the way 

-joshua ryan stewart 


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