Beresford, SD… 

​i remember waiting at a kasey’s off of i-29… beresford, sd. over a thousand miles away from the place, that has made me wonder what home really is. 24 plus hours driving, and still running on dreams wide awake. 4am and some change, as she pull in to that parking lot. stepping out of her yellowish gold cherokee, and in to mine. my warrior’s heart fell a little more in love with the language her gypsy soul spoke to me, within movements of mine. knowing that she was just as nervous as i was. for a love we’ve been chasing, years on end. between the spaces where we couldn’t begin. i could talk about it all… from the days that lead us there, to the days that followed. like they were lifetimes, and perhaps they were to me. as i did my best to live in the moments, i now hold as memories. because within a lifetime of dreaming. i have come to know. it isn’t what it could be, or what it could have been, that matters. it is what it is, that gives us meaning… to cherish the moments, we now have to live. 

-joshua ryan stewart


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