bearing a gift… 

​as my heart lies in my hands

a burden of a curse for me 

is a gift i need to bear 

where poetically 

i am endowed 

as i am inclined 

to make these words bleed 

so pardon me 

if i ever 

leave a dirty taste 

in anyone’s mouth 

as i speak truths 

where promises fail 

and die 

at the tip of tongues 


to hold mine 

yet i have to bear a gift 

for the burdens 

i can no longer hold 

giving the shadows 

their light 

because without it 

it all would be dark 

and unseen 


within silence 

hidden within the seams 

so i cut the threads 

to spill my wounded 

as well as my love 

where i have let myself 

become a secret 

too many times 

upon whispers 

telling me to swallow 

what they’re choking on 

-joshua ryan stewart