for what i was taught… 

i was taught 

to hold my own 

to speak the truth 

and show it 


that outlandish middle child 

who never needed attention 

from the world 

although i crave 

just one 

and perhaps my personality 

calls out to crowds 

that i’ve always walked away from 

fueled by the values 

beyond a broken home 

a class clown 

skipping class 

and acing the tests 

because knowledge 

has always been easier than 


screaming out loud 

within whispers 

please say my name 

like you love me 

beyond my pain 

touch the secrets 

hidden in my eyes 

as i stomp this ground 

losing the layers 

i have been covered with 

learning this dance 

and feeling the weather 

bleeding the insignificance 

i have been 

and learning that 

what i have to give 

is more than 

what i have been taught 

-joshua ryan stewart


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