the wolf is home… 

​closing my eyes 

to feel my hungry heart 

crawling from my chest 

reopening my eyes to see you 

freeing my mind within yours 

as my soul returns 

no longer am i 

a lone wolf 

bearing teeth 

within weary spirit

for i am rekindled 

in the essence of yours 

-joshua ryan stewart


whispering beyond echoes . . . 

​i have been 

just a nobody 

that somebody used to know 

names to faces 

that never look quite the same 

voices heard like echoes 

upon winds 

too faint to carry mine 

as i’ve roamed wildly 

guided by scar tissue 

upon my sleeve 

a burden of a heart 

held together 

with an ancient magic 

found within my soul 

from the stars above 

i continue to shine 

from the inside out 

as i expose cosmic matter 

on my way out from the inside 

torn into pieces 

a puzzle of imperfections 

gathered together 

in some kind of 

misplaced perfection 

so within heavy scar tissue 

i am whispering beyond echoes

for what is screaming in me 

isn’t a puzzle 

but yours to behold 

-joshua ryan stewart


more than just a possibility . . . 

​i have been 

almost impossible to follow 

within my rambling thoughts 

wandering through possibilities 

that never could grasp 

the adventures of 

dreams worth living 

yet i am not quite out of time 

for a heart willing to break 

i am handing you 

beyond the impossible 

that i have held 

within rambling thoughts 

in hopes that you will let me be 

more than just a possibility 

to truly live an adventure 

i want to share with yours 

-joshua ryan stewart