simple creatures 

​he was always a wild creature 

not only stepping out of line 

but leaving the path 

with a smile on his face 

as he wandered his own way 

on this ground 

while laughing at the sky 

that always tried to pull him 

with promises of thrills 

for an exchange of his skills 

yet he knew that sky 

held a beauty 

but only simple creatures 

are fooled by the light 

and howl at the moon 

for what they can see 

which was just absurd to him 

for he knew true beauty 

didn’t always shine 

where his eyes could see 

and the beast within himself 

craved more than just 

a howl in the dark 

he craved a beauty 

willing to share 

a path worth making 

through day or night 

-joshua ryan stewart


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