for the taking… 

​darling, i pride myself on being a simple gentleman. but if there is one thing i hope to teach you about me, it’s that nothing is as simple as it seems to be. as i flow through the complexities of me; every single moment moving to the next. hidden in plain sight, where there is more than words that excite. darling… i am handing you not only my heart and soul, but my mind and body. where i would love to give a shovel, because you’ve got some digging to do. although i am praying that you use your teeth and nails… to shred into me. hoping  you don’t mind getting dirty, to cleanse ourselves within each other. for i sure am as true as tomorrow isn’t promised. and my depths go beyond beauty, to a gorgeously flawed… once upon a time. that is yours, for the taking. 

-joshua ryan stewart


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