for the taking… 

​darling, i pride myself on being a simple gentleman. but if there is one thing i hope to teach you about me, it’s that nothing is as simple as it seems to be. as i flow through the complexities of me; every single moment moving to the next. hidden in plain sight, where there is more than words that excite. darling… i am handing you not only my heart and soul, but my mind and body. where i would love to give a shovel, because you’ve got some digging to do. although i am praying that you use your teeth and nails… to shred into me. hoping  you don’t mind getting dirty, to cleanse ourselves within each other. for i sure am as true as tomorrow isn’t promised. and my depths go beyond beauty, to a gorgeously flawed… once upon a time. that is yours, for the taking. 

-joshua ryan stewart


importance of something… 

​free flowing the context of my heart and soul, beyond folded gray matter, to become more than what once was broken… or is that, what needed to find growth. transcending the epidermis, i once wore as insecurities. yet i am still bound by what i cannot change beyond me; lyrically content for what i can explain simply. although continuously rambling, for the importance of something… within, and beyond me. 

-joshua ryan stewart


hang on… 

​roaming the outskirts of a town. where my name can still be heard, every once in a while. carrying the spirits of my own past. thinking to myself within the thoughts of others… for the wildly reckless, i used to be. as i get lost within the person i am, for who i want to be. and perhaps my days of howling at the moon, ain’t what they used to be. as i tend to speak a whole lot quieter these days. singing softly to the winds, to carry me away. following the twists and turns, down a lost highway. because i can’t fight the path… behind me, nor in front of me. although i sure can hang on tight. as i pray for neither sunlight, or moonlight. but for the moments, 

i hope hang on to me. 

-joshua ryan stewart


a genius design… 

​genius designs 

built from the ground up 

and falling from the sky 

wasting our humanity 

on getting rid of it 

crumbling kingdoms 

to rest with the ones 

lying beneath them 

giving up our will 

of a hard day’s work 

to be controlled 

for what we didn’t want to 

do ourselves 

a lazy trade 

of acid rain 

and burning sunshine 

losing what made us powerful 

to what we have been taught 

is power 

-joshua ryan stewart


untitled 09092016 

​i was lost within a dream 

just stumbling around 

gathering thoughts 

numbered like days 

on a calendar 

full of dates 

that were mostly 

rather useless 

for what i wanted 

until one day 

when all those days 

just stumbling around 

finally fell in to place 

when those wandering 

dreaming days of mine

found what i wanted 

not just in a today 

yet within a beyond 

i call you 

-joshua ryan stewart