​killing an imaginary time, that’s killing me. six different ways to sunday. praising that sky, while this ground curses me. wandering within this maze, losing my days. no direction, and no reactions… got me spinning around. wearing half circles beneath my eyes. and i’m not too proud to say. perhaps, i’ve been wandering aimlessly the same way… figuring out. that’s no place for me. 

-joshua ryan stewart



​waking with a setting sun 

have i forgotten 

why i was given this day 

for even within the silence 

that surrounds me 

most of my days 

i still carry a voice 

screaming deep down within me 

capable of piercing through 

the silence 

found within my days 

so i’m going to sing 

and if you can find your voice 

would you please 

sing your song too 

-joshua ryan stewart


to mean something more… 

​i tried like hell 

for a silent acquiescence 

although i didn’t agree 

and i wasn’t exactly silent 

but i wasn’t trying 

to keep my integrity 

because lord knows 

i’ve never worried about 

acting like a fool 

but i was trying to keep you 

from losing anymore of yours 

selfishly, in a way 

because i didn’t want to 

remember you as vain 

i wanted the pain 

to mean something more 

-joshua ryan stewart 


we’re all dangling, darlings… 

​don’t worry darlings 

we’re all dangling 

from the strings 

attached to our hearts 

head over heels 

for what at times 


an enormous impact 

in the lives 

that we touch 

so many times 



within those connections 

it’s not the rewards 

for ourselves 

we should be after 


-joshua ryan stewart


surviving is never enough… 

​you know i tried 

willing to drown 

sinking into your depths 

as far as you 

were willing to take me 

yet at the mercy of you 

i found myself 

washing up on the shore 

a naked castaway 

lost and confused 

with only the echoes 

of your waves 

crashing down behind me 

to carry with me 

as i walk away thinking 

surviving is never enough 

-joshua ryan stewart