a thing or two…

it’s been a lonely journey. that i’ve been traveling, for quite some time. upon crowded streets, unfamiliar faces, beautifully hidden souls. a nonsense reflection, of where i stood in my yesterdays. that came, and that have passed.
call me a crazy fool. but there’s so much more to this life. so much more… to me.  and maybe even to a you.
in a world telling us. right from wrong. i just don’t give a damn, anymore.
what life is to you. may not be my cup of tea, you see… i have to be me. silly in my ways. laughing and smiling. not only living this life,  but feeling it. because… it’s all i’ve got, so i have to make it count.
you’re with me, or you’re not. because time has shown me,  a thing or two.
But time has also taught me. you live, you learn, you love, and you never hold back.
yes…time has taught me, a thing or two.
-joshua ryan stewart


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