a warrior’s journey home…

within the journeys of my warrior spirit. i’ve found growth within wisdom. as the animal i carry inside, transforms. shedding feathers from battles, lost in the sky. to feel the wonders of the dirt, i now walk upon. listening to a song, within my heart. because i may have lost my wings, finding my way. but i’ve come to know. there isn’t anything in that sky… like what i’ve found in your eyes.
-joshua ryan stewart


mixture of love…

as day and night
blends together
i will shred the fears
of any other
because of the light
and of the dark
i will be in the middle
holding a love
that doesn’t take sides
as it blends together
-joshua ryan stewart


written within my heart…

trying to express, explain something. that is written within my heart. as it spreads, throughout my soul. dancing naked upon the thoughts of you. it can be seen in the steps of my walk. as my mind goes wild. trying to keep up with my heart and soul. all crazy about you, a lady so fine. i can not even find the words to define. exactly what, you do to me. it is the best kind of crazy. i have ever known. pure, and wild… as i come undone beautifully within butterflies, and these smiles. my soul dances upon these words. written within my heart… for yours.
-joshua ryan stewart


understanding the alone…

being alone never bothered me
until i knew of her existence
feeling her within my heart
finding her within my thoughts
even beyond
the days that were lost
where i thought
i would stay
yet i kept on
keeping on
doing what i had to do
to be me
although i completely understand
just how alone i’ve been
without her
-joshua ryan stewart


where the roads end, it begins…

i’ve slept under the stars
and danced in the rain
i’ve been lost
not trying to find anything
i’ve traveled miles
to the roads end
just to begin
but i have to say
the best adventure
i’ve ever stumbled upon
is found within your eyes
a spirit of life
that has always given me hope
for the places i can’t see
that you’ve always
taken me
-joshua ryan stewart


a thing or two…

it’s been a lonely journey. that i’ve been traveling, for quite some time. upon crowded streets, unfamiliar faces, beautifully hidden souls. a nonsense reflection, of where i stood in my yesterdays. that came, and that have passed.
call me a crazy fool. but there’s so much more to this life. so much more… to me.  and maybe even to a you.
in a world telling us. right from wrong. i just don’t give a damn, anymore.
what life is to you. may not be my cup of tea, you see… i have to be me. silly in my ways. laughing and smiling. not only living this life,  but feeling it. because… it’s all i’ve got, so i have to make it count.
you’re with me, or you’re not. because time has shown me,  a thing or two.
But time has also taught me. you live, you learn, you love, and you never hold back.
yes…time has taught me, a thing or two.
-joshua ryan stewart