what i haven’t forgotten…

maybe i get lost in my head
a little too much
feeling my heart and soul
and maybe i’ve forgotten
how to talk
but i haven’t forgotten
how to listen
how to learn
and i damn well
haven’t forgotten
how to love
-joshua ryan stewart


my lyrical demise part XX

as i get lost out of context. and shoved all around. for the context in me, isn’t so easily read… from left to right. falling from the bottom up, to hit that sky running. may seem absurd to you. but it’s my saving grace. because i can’t only stand on this stage. i’ve got to catch it on fire. dance upon the insecurities. left from sorrows, my tongue refuses to taste. and i’ll be damned, if i’ll swallow… what isn’t mine to eat. as i come undone, unapologetically unwinding what can’t be right or wrong. for i’ve traveled miles to years, to give away my smiling heart. just to find out, one of the most honest truths. you can love whoever you want. but they don’t have to love you the same. just like how i still love everyone, i’ve ever loved. but not the same, as it once was. because some measurements, can’t be measured. where distances are found in broken trust, and lost heartbeats. yet within all this chaos. there’s a rule to limitless my heart. you can have a piece of my heart. but if you fail to respect, or if you ignore it. you’ll be left, with only that piece.
-joshua ryan stewart


an adventure for the lifetimes…

i’ve been wandering
what seems like lifetimes
aimlessly on occasion
under this sky
not for a loneliness
that i don’t hold inside
but for an adventure
where my soul
meets yours
feeling no distance
within heartbeats
and i wouldn’t dare say
that it’s a challenge
but darling
there’s no obstacle
i wouldn’t undertake
for the adventure
where my lifetimes
meet yours
-joshua ryan stewart



wandering around a dynasty. where so many wear their crowns, proudly for all to see. hanging from the stars, i was once exiled from. into a darkness, where i only had two choices. i could grow cold, within the absence of light. or i could grow, where the sun never shines. and become, my own beacon of hope. so as you pass me by, laugh if you must. for my crown, isn’t for the eyes to see. like these scars, shining like metals from my eyes. but my crown was forged, where souls go to die. and hearts never cry. my crown is, my heart and soul… that darkness, could never hold.
-joshua ryan stewart


this equation…

i tend to get lost
out in this world
aimlessly wandering around
leaving behind the footprints
i’ve laid
at times
weighting heavy
upon the hearts
that weren’t meant to be kept
nor are they
meant to stay broken
i’ve really never known
how it feels
to have a love
that wasn’t running away
i’ve been tired of rambling
and chasing shooting stars
but my soul
like my heart
are trying to find
their way home
with countless hours
staring at the drawing board
the equation is easily solved
with a factor of
a beautiful madness
easing my chaos
equaling a life
where dreams come true
but not like those
poorly written fairytales
because no matter
what any tale
may try to tell you
the best part
of this equation
is finding the beauty
in a mess of imperfections
-joshua ryan stewart