fills the silence…

upon this bed
all is still
yet within me
a heartbeat rages
rhythmically echoing
across these sheets
as they cut through the silence
of this darkened room
but between the chaos
of my thunderous beats
a lightning stuck feeling
fills the silence
laying upon these sheets
-joshua ryan stewart


a distance, reached…

darling, i never was
one to follow the stars
and i’ve been just fine
traveling alone
rambling on, and on
about a distance
found within my soul
beyond the reach
where echoes fade away
and feelings come to stray
yet it’s in this place
where i find you
and even within silence
i can feel you here
alone with me
-joshua ryan stewart



she caught me staring
and with a simple laugh
she asked me
are you going to tell me
that you’re lost in me
and with a smirk
i replied
no darling, i’m not
because when i look at you
it’s not about being lost
but a reflection
i’ve found in you
-joshua ryan stewart


the secret of your garden…

take my hand
and come with me
to a place surrounded by
overgrown weeds
with stones
placed within the ground
although this isn’t a graveyard
it’s my garden of love
and those are not tombstones
but memorials of loves
that came before you
now don’t get jealous darling
for within these gates
they may always have a place
but in this place
you’ll have to decide
if you’re willing to place
the secrets of your garden
within mine
and then we can see
what we can grow
-joshua ryan stewart