a distance, reached…

darling, i never was
one to follow the stars
and i’ve been just fine
traveling alone
rambling on, and on
about a distance
found within my soul
beyond the reach
where echoes fade away
and feelings come to stray
yet it’s in this place
where i find you
and even within silence
i can feel you here
alone with me
-joshua ryan stewart


the biggest adventure…

i’m a crazy fool
fueled by the chaos
raging in me
as i can be found
wandering, aimlessly around
and sideways
upon a path
guided by my heart
but within all this chaos
the biggest adventure
i could possibly think of
is a dream of a home
within a pair of arms
where my chaos can rest
within the madness of another
giving birth to
the biggest adventure
i could possibly dream of
-joshua ryan stewart



she caught me staring
and with a simple laugh
she asked me
are you going to tell me
that you’re lost in me
and with a smirk
i replied
no darling, i’m not
because when i look at you
it’s not about being lost
but a reflection
i’ve found in you
-joshua ryan stewart