one masterpiece to another…

what lies beneath this sky
will surely challenge
these fragile existences
we call ours
as we go along
stumbling upon this dirt
finding pieces
which we can’t make ours
but we can share
one masterpiece with another
and see if we can’t make
a little better sense of it all
-joshua ryan stewart


living to feel alive beyond yesterdays…

this walking corpse of mine
isn’t without life
yet i have felt more alive
within those days
known as yesterdays
but i cannot find myself
with what was lost
for they gave me a reason
their meaning could never be
yet within what was lost
i find myself as
a walking corpse
just trying to feel alive
within a life
living beyond yesterdays
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


now tell me darling…

abuse me, use me, love me
take this body
heart, soul, and mind
for a ride
let’s make it
one hell of a time
because life is no fun
going sideways
all alone
and we all
crash and burn
in the end
now tell me darling
are you going to
tuck and roll
at the first sight of fear
or are you going to
enjoy this ride with me
as we go beyond the roads
we’ve come to know
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


the chances in our dance

my thoughts of thirty-two trips around that sun. has me pondering upon the grounds i’ve wandered aimlessly, and mostly… carelessly. yet i’ve learned at times, you have to just breathe. realizing what you want, isn’t always a need. changing with the times, doesn’t always mean. you’re going with the tides. trying to cope with a reality… that’s more of an insanity. all part of a storyline, we hold within our eyes. a journey of the lost. but not for our causes.  because within a life full of changes. fear is chance, and our growth is found… within the dances we take.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart