for the history,i’m not making today…

lovely memories
from a history
i call yesterday
isn’t the reason
for my loneliness
for my loneliness
isn’t for what i lost
to my memories
but for the history
i’m not making today
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


a puzzle of imperfections…

there’s a beauty about
this wandering chaos
within a head full of madness
once known as feelings
turned into thoughts
that these empty pockets
could never weigh down
as my heart and soul
travels distances
i’ll probably never see
and these thoughts
may never take me there
but i’m everywhere between
here and there
just wandering aimlessly through
this beautiful chaos
within me
a puzzle of imperfections
pieced together
to perfection
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


quicksand hearts…

finding yourself within
a quicksand heart
surrounded by
beautifully designed
forests of denial
sinking within the thoughts
you thought was going to
save you
but you just fell victim to
a struggle
beyond the one
you hold inside
but don’t hold your breath
for those quicksand hearts
are usually too shallow
and you’re only going to sink
face down
if you let yourself
-Joshua Ryan Stewart