my lyrical demise part XIX


gathered upon the thoughts, lost within my head. rhyming a rhythm, from my soul. bleeding from this scar, once known as my heart. full of insecurities, i hope you feel… within all my absurdities. i call this my lyrical demise, falling upon these dead trees. as i look into my rear view mirror. just to see myself, smiling like a lunatic. thinking…  i’ve seen all my colors. felt every single feeling. know all my thoughts. and i still don’t believe. i know the greatness in me. as i continue to drift away, into places unseen. like driving my car, aimlessly. all alone… within the screams of thousands. i can’t hear anyone. from the miles between. their reality, and my insanity. as i try to breathe, in between lost heartbeats. echoing throughout my bones. making sense of this mess. i’ve learned to call my life. tossing it to the winds of change. for what i could never be. and what i still have left in me. hoping to rearrange the distance i feel. as i can only imagine. the difference it would make. if i could feel a single scream. riding next to me.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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