disappearing within the scriptures, of a lost soul

disappearing beyond these lines
unreachable by what you call divine
for what once made me feel alive
lies forever stained upon my soul
scriptures of lectures
i don’t need to read
because i memorized
every goddamn syllable
as it slipped through the lips
and i was stuck between the hips
speaking within tongues
for the lost soul
i was trying to find
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


broken wings…

i’ve been trying to fly, on broken wings. trying, just trying to catch my wind. to keep me moving along. as i know i’ve shown, every side of me. giving what i could. all for a feeling, that has tried to kill me. as i hope it never does. finding myself within kingdoms, that never were meant for the likes of me. and ruins give me the room to dream. although i’ve been lost, giving away a heart… that never left me behind. yet, it’s never been found with someone, willing to hold on to it. so when it comes to flying, with broken wings. i realize, i don’t have to fly. and there’s nothing broken… about me.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart