To whom it may concern(2013)

To whom it may concern…

So you want me. Why is that? Do you know me? Have you took the time to feel me. I am wild, wonderful,  and free. I’ll surprise you with my charm. I’ll surprise you with who I am. Not what I look like. But what I hold inside. Have you took the time? To talk to me. To know me… To feel me. To respect me. How can you really want me? How do you expect to hold me?  If you don’t take the time,  and put in the time… To know me.  Sweetheart, I won’t be a trophy, on some useless shelf. I am a treasure. If you want me…  Prove it to me. Show me who you are. Tell me how you feel. And I’ll do the same.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart



my temple may resemble a beautiful cathedral, from a far. and even though my interior is still beautifully profound. all the windows, lay stained on the ground. scattered throughout distances. found within my existence. pieces of my heart… i’ve gave away like precious art. i don’t mind repeating, just don’t make me compete. and i’ve come to realize. it’s not a lack of feelings, with me. it’s a numbness, from what i give.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


forgotten art

Digging deeper.
Reaching farther.
Into my existence .
To realize.
I’m not numb.
Even if I feel dead.
There’s nothing for me to dread.
Crown me the lyrical king.
For this song, I can’t help but sing.
Giving praises.
To every single downfall.
In my flawed ways.
When everyone I meet.
Always goes their separate ways.
How many days.
Have I prayed.
Trying not to be someone’s prey.
When what I want the most.
Is just a sad game.
To this world.
As I tip my hat.
And give you.
A piece of my mind.
You can keep your change.
My words flow.
From that burden I hold inside.
A precious gift.
I’m waiting to give away.
To someone.
Who won’t stray.
Smiling like a fool.
With butterflies.
Weakening my knees.
For what I need.
I deserve.
After what I’ve been served.
Poetically rambling. .
My lyrical demise.
Building my empire.
Full of desire.
With these hands.
I write my heart.
For all to see my art.
Daydreaming of better days.
Set in ways.
Cussing that sun.
Because I don’t need it to shine.
I’ve seen that darkness.
Lived it for years.
With all my tears.
I’m still breathing.
And respecting what I can.
Until the end.
I’ll be goddamned.
If anyone ever.
Could hold this man.
With just two hands.
Lacking that heart.
Of a forgotten art.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


hello madness

hello madness, we haven’t always seen eye to eye. but you’ve stuck with me, throughout this chaos. from the inside out, upside down, sideways, and all around. when way too often… i tend to smash the pedal to the floor, and throw the steering wheel out the window. raising hell upon hallowed grounds. as my soul dances naked, upon these dead trees. bleeding within syllables, where i’ve learned to breathe. unapologetically rambling, what i feel, and have come to know. occasionally some bullshit. about stars, darkness, universes, and the paths… that have lead me where i am today. wherever here is. and wherever here will take me. i’m trying my best, within open arms… and a open mind. so i have to say. hello madness, where should we go today?
– Joshua Ryan Stewart