my lyrical demise part XVIII


standing just under six foot two inches. with my hat, tilted down. i’m not afraid. to bear anything and everything that i am. but i cover my eyes. because i can’t deny the shine, my soul gives them. but i can’t ignore the stories, they tell as well. misfortunes of a tortured soul. a heart full of holes. and a mind… rambling constantly throughout universes. that i’m trying to unfold. i’ve always been called unique. that i have to agree with. but i find it hard, to find myself… a place, within this life. i hear more than enough screaming noises. saying my name. i’ve even dripped into that shame. a time or fifty. never taking it too far. because my attention, needs more than just anyone’s attention. i more than just words. echoing from tongues. more than just actions. falling short of their purpose. i need a place, within this godforsaken race. where i can hang my hat. lay my heart, soul, and mind, on the table. and say… this is what i’m bringing. now show me what you’ve got. to match what i hold… within these eyes of mine.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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