dying for the dying breed…

i’ve been a walking corpse.
for 7, 889, 231 seconds today.
with a heart, breaking on the daily.
the fire in my soul.
burning like hell.
to keep me moving.
yet i’ve been stuck in place.
rambling within my lyrical demise.
eyes full of tears.
as my soul bleeds down my cheeks.
in fears of my aging years.
constantly i fall apart.
within a chaos.
that used to be beautifully divine.
now my mind, just reminds me.
what i can’t rewind.
yet my heart, soul, and mind.
remain beautiful.
even within painfully tortured moments.
that i’m losing to that time.
for what doesn’t call me…
losing my thoughts.
passing up oughts.
scribbling this so called art.
the poetry inside of me.
beautifully painful.
gaining scars.
and i’m no fucking star.
but merely a man.
dying for…
the dying breed in me.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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