heart desires

riding a zipline, through time lines. periodically unwinding. lost within time, or is it space. no one has to spare. i get called… a rare breed. for these lines, i continuously bleed. unapologetically showing my heart and soul. lost within thoughts, i’ll call my own. lyrically endowed, rambling nonsense about feelings. brilliantly placed words, outdated with the times. i’m just a man. generations before my age. screaming at a stage. i no longer want to perform. i want a goddamn… reform. burn this stage, to the motherfucking ground. with that starfire, burning like hellfire… running through my veins. i’ll burn silent words, into the souls i undoubtedly touch. yet i don’t ask them to follow me. because this road. i cannot guarantee. so go after your own dreams. as i’ll pray, you never stop believing… in what your heart desires.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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