a burden too heavy

Digging down deep. As I release.
More than my lyrical demise.
Come with me.  Into my mind.
Untold wonders.  Thoughts unheard.
As I begin to bleed.  For what I need.
Spilling ink.  A poetic truth.
You’re about to discover.
I’m overbearing.  With feelings overwhelming.
Too hard to handle. Headstrong.
Giving it my all.  Which is always.
Way too much to handle.
Leaving me to myself.
With thoughts unclear.  Questioning my worth.
My vocabulary.  Lacks the definition.
And Webster can’t help me to define.
It’s a burden of mine.  A love story.
Just trying to begin.
Ending every time.  Before it even begins.
I send them running.  For the hills.
Taking cover.  As soon they discover.
I’m just overflowing.  With a burden of love.
In which  their eyes. Have never seen.
A burden too heavy. I’ve carried alone.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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