(smiles) from miles away

Standing in the middle of nowhere.
Six foot two inches.
From the ground.
To the top of my head.
Listening to the wind.
As it sings me.
A sweet lullaby.
On a cool winter’s day.
Down by the fishing pond.
I begin to ponder.
As my mind wanders.
To a distance place.
Not so far away.
As I’m daydreaming.
Of her face.
I feel her here.
With me.
Despite the miles.
Between our smiling hearts.
Staring into these trees.
A mountainous landscape.
I’ve always called home.
Yet I don’t exactly fit in.
Not at all.
And it’s been years.
Since I could say.
I had a home.
Even then.
It felt more like a crackhouse.
Full of fiends.
Calling me friend.
It amazes me.
Just how selfish.
People can be.
I’ve gave the shirt.
Right off my back.
Didn’t think twice.
Because someone.
Needed it more than me.
Material things.
Never meant much.
Like this money in my clip.
Doesn’t last long.
Working to survive.
It’s a sad, sad song.
When you lose your dreams.
To people.
Only worried about their’s.
How many times have I.
Turned my back.
On a sanity.
That lost it’s.
My will to dream.
Could be called.
My insanity.
But my insanity.
Fits me well.
Just like this smile.
From miles away.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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