my lyrical demise part XVII

thrown around like a ragdoll. beat on like a mutt. i’ve owned these scars. and cussed those stars. out in this wilderness. with my wild side… howling at the moon. in the mid afternoon. singing love songs. i’m afraid are outdated, in this kingdoms turned to ruins life. yet i know i’m not the only one. who hasn’t forgotten how to dream. digging down deep, within my soul. i’m not trying to sell a goddamn thing. or take anything, that i haven’t worked for. bruising my hands. an ache in my back. i’d trade my sunshine, for her rain any day. to cleanse my heart. from my days of old. as my once dead heart. comes alive. i see these ruins… as possibilities. without eyes. guided by a blinded faith. for what i’ve known was wrong. this song, finally sounds right.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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