my lyrical demise part XV

I don’t believe in chains. Leashes are for dogs. If there’s no trust. It’s better to let it run away. Because ownership, is a shipwreck… And everybody drowns.
I don’t believe in crowns. Because they put someone, above another. And it’s all about partnership to me. You pull your weight, and I’ll pull mine. Helping one another… If their load becomes too much.
I’ve been known to be… Too much to handle. Crazy ass antics. Rambling endlessly. Questionable decisions. Inappropriate behavior. Profanities. With a heart and soul… That can’t be sold.
Although I’ve been called gold. Yet, traded for coal. I don’t always shine bright. But I know what’s right.
Poetically rambling… Within my lyrical demise. Giving myself the room… To grow endlessly.
So as I bleed, constantly. For what I can’t fake inside of me. I hope you read past the words.. And into… My heart, soul, and mind.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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