my lyrical demise part XII

I can’t quite remember, my first time writing. But I recall being worried. Anytime, I let someone else read my words. Even though, just like my artwork… Teachers always praised me for my creativity.
Now let’s add… Some history. Just a fact, that I’ve never really admitted. My imagination and creativity… Took a hit… That I’m sorry to say, hurt my personality. And everyone I used to know. Could easily see, the change… It made in me. From a woman. Who did everything… But kill me. And in a way, she kinda did.
I found myself… Unable to trust anyone, nor could I love someone. Besides two little boys… My blessings, that call me daddy. For the longest time. I’ve laid here… In this room. Started writing again. After years of absence. I started spreading myself like a disease. Not so worried about, what others may think. Because my so called nonsense… A wisdom, hard earned. As the masses starting reading my heart, soul, and mind.  My name being called, from all around the world. I didn’t build this system. But I’m breaking the rules.
I’m not doing this for awards. Followers and likes. I’m not in it for the glory. But I will demand respect. If I’m writing me, or if I’m writing for the girl. Who after years of silence… Gave my heart… The voice, I always knew it had. As she has me… Heart, body, soul, and mind. Something… No one has ever had.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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