my lyrical demise part X

I write loving words. Because she has gave me, a meaning. To place into… Meaningless words. Yet I’m known… For that wisdom, and spiritual growth. A tortured soul. From this mind fuck… We call reality. As I go back and forth. Between writing about her. And this beautiful train wreck… That has been my life. Calling it… My lyrical demise. Because I refuse to be sold, by this world. Coming clean. Because God and I… Have no secrets. So I’ll bare my sins. Like my scars… Shinning like metals. From my eyes.
So let me unwind. This universe… Within mine. One tale… At a time.
My heart maybe gold. But my soul is damned. And my mind… Gets deep, deeper than most want to journey. Between beauty… And beast. I am usually both… At the same time.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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