my lyrical demise part VIII

A ounce of antimatter. And I lose my goddamn mind. I love the human species. But I hate that fucking society. Men trying to rule men. Who can’t even conquer themselves. Carelessly forgetting. They’re not the only ones. I could never be a god. But I’ve kissed that goddamn devil. As my mind unwinds. Universes explode inside of me. Becoming more than I was. Was never part of the plan. Destined for those stars. Everyone can’t stop talking about. The only thing I see in her eyes… Is everything I’ve ever needed.
Typically set to fail. My mind drifts to places unseen. I’m known in this world. But they don’t know a thing. To understand the verses. First you’ve got to feel. Too many people walking around… Dead inside. Refusing to believe. They got the power. To free themselves.
I’m not just poetically rambling nonsense. Within my lyrical demise. The tears falling from my eyes. Aren’t just meant for anyone. And I’m not like… Anyone you’ve ever met.
It’s a sad world. When we tell each other. How they’re supposed to be. Beautifully painful… Within our differences. Filthy dirty souls. Trying to steal yours. Because it’s easier to drown another… While they try to stay a float.
There maybe a million problems… But believe me. There’s a billion solutions… If you’re willing.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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