my lyrical demise part VI

As my mind starts to slip. Age is something I cannot  avoid. Smarter than I used to be. But those reactions slow down. Giving way… To the younger generations. But don’t let that fool you. I’ve still got my spirit. A heart of gold. That burns like coal. Hot as hell… And leaving a smoke filled sky. I’m no washed up rockstar. Nor am I a lyrical king. Rhyming from a crumbling throne. And if ever they write about me. I’ll be the first to say… Look at that bullshit. I am merely a man. No legendary philosopher. A tortured soul… Covered in damnation. Yet I’m fighting for my soul. Taking my stand. Too many times… All alone. Simply trying to breathe… As I drown. Within a smiling heart. I’ve found a meaning to a reason… And she’s worth drowning for.
Unraveling the truths. From kingdoms turned to ruins. Lost over time. And burning in that sky. Serpents hanging from trees. Trying to save your soul. As Saints have no reason to hide… From sins of their past. Making excuses for others. Standing unapologetically behind, what they are trying to sell. A few brilliantly placed thoughts. Written on dead trees. A crippling disease. To believe in lies… Our eyes don’t even believe. Yet I bleed continuously… For what I need. A pretty girl, who undeniably has my attention. Heart, soul, and mind. Goddamn… As I poetically ramble my lyrical demise. Her beautiful mind… Makes sense, out of the nonsense… I’ve been spilling all my life.
So as I’ve been known. To ramble about that starfire. Burning like hellfire. Within me. Little did I know. My so called nonsense of a life… Was about to finally make sense. Clear blue skies. Or storms on those rolling tides. A beautiful chaos… Calming me. From the inside. Wandering beautifully lost. Within her existence.  I’ve found myself… Making perfect sense… Within imperfections. I’ve found… Perfection.
– Joshua Ryan Stewart


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