my lyrical demise part V

locked and loaded, ready to explode. i’ve seen hell, and high water. yet i’m still breathing, and speaking my mind. bleeding these… goddamn lines. and if ever i disappear. it won’t be because, i’m running scared. headstrong, and just crazy enough to cause a scene. lyrically endowed. yet i don’t want your crown. although you can have this rhythmically beating sound. as i bleed life back into these once dead trees. or is that… back into me. refusing to sink, into any category. and i will not be silenced. for what i feel, is so heartbreakingly real. and it is me.
i’m not paving roads. but beating down paths. traveling without the stars. and bearing these scars. extraordinary, and possibly amazing. within my unique abilities. you may call them… absurdities. for i’ve never been a prince charming. and my armor… is battle worn. yet i’m still capable of being me. unapologetic, within the fields i’ve sowed. where dreams were sought, and battling myself… was my greatest war. for even though i know my heart. can my worth be questioned… for the lost i’ve harvested.
-joshua ryan stewart


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