my lyrical demise part IX

You can keep your shots. I’m drinking straight from that bottle. Because I’ve never known moderation. In this thing called life. Giving it my all. As I’m set to expire. You better believe. I’m going to inspire.
They say this life is a stage. If that is so. Hold that goddamn curtain. Because I know for sure. I’m made to rock her stage.
And I’m not fucking with those opening acts anymore. There’s a reason… You go before I do.
I’ve owned my place. With those stars. Earning these goddamn scars. Just to realize. There’s no life. Worth living in that sky. It’s all down here. And yes… It took a woman. For me to realize that.
I’ve said it a thousand times. And I’ll say it a million times over. I’m one hell of a man. That’s been wrong. More than I’ve ever been right. But I’m still standing. Unapologetically… Myself.
Counting to ten. I lose myself around three or four. Because I’m burning alive. With something… That’s been lost. For too fucking long. As I look at her. I’m not only using my eyes. As she undresses her soul. I explore her mind. A wonderland… For mine. Pardon me as I say… Proclaim… Goddamn!!! She makes me feel alive. For the first time… That my memory… Can ever recall.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


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