my lyrical demise part IV

i’ve damn near disappeared, within the city of my birth. but it’s not a home to me, anymore. just familiar faces, that i once knew. where i forgot how to talk, yet i learned how speak… with my heart and soul. but i don’t need a city full of people. for i’ve come to know. it’s not quantity, but the quality. i’ve also found, that i’m more precious than gold. even if i’ve sold myself like coal. and i’m no goddamn prize. but i should be treasured.
i’ve always been strangely awkward, uniquely constructed, beautifully flawed, and not afraid… of being myself. bearing my scars, like motherfucking metals. look me in the eyes. i’ll show you my whole world. unapologetically, as my lyrical demise pours from my eyes. a bleeding heart, my masterpiece, in disguise. yet you won’t find me wearing a mask. for i am shameless, and i’ve lost my pride. but don’t you think, not for one second, that i still can’t… hold strong to my words.
-joshua ryan stewart


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