beyond my world

the only world i know.
lies inside of me.
as i find it hard…
to be anywhere else.
attractions don’t amaze me.
appearances, are deceiving.
yet i’ve knocked on thoughts.
outside of my own.
on a rare occasion.
where my attention.
becomes known.
my heart and soul.
spread throughout my words.
beautifully tortured.
for the cravings.
beyond my world.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


fighting a forgotten war

when the creature inside.
meets the beast within.
a so called love.
lies upon lines.
of dreams and realities.
sanity for the insane.
fighting a battle.
in a forgotten war.
where souls are old.
and hearts can’t be sold.
within lines.
where actions…
are your battle cries.
your eyes can’t feel.
what your heart.
can’t see.
as skin…
can’t touch your soul.
throw your minds away.
because within a forgotten heart.
the creature inside.
becomes a feast.
for the beast within.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


alive in me

my soul is holding together.
this heart of mine.
as i try to be my own…
beacon of hope.
viewed by thousands.
upon thousands.
day by day.
throughout sleepless nights.
for what i can’t be…
in my life.
i hope to inspire in yours.
currently unsupervised.
but watched.
my heart and soul.
written in lines.
i feel myself failing.
as i resist the world outside.
and try to hold onto.
the one i carry inside.
each day in the hopes.
of a dream.
alive in me.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


my last melody

mumble out the words.
let’s make a movie.
and i’ll declare.
i need a storyline.
written in our hearts.
because no visual effects.
can match my imagination.
and my drive.
to make my insanity.
into reality.
i may morn the loss.
of characters.
as my story reads.
but it’s my story.
and it will continue.
until my breathes.
write their last melody.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart


half soul bastard

Battle born scars. A warrior’s tale. Poetically told. As it unfolds. My loyalty… Carved into stone. Upon liars tongues. I’ve refused to be.
Shinning like gold. Getting burnt like coal. Built like steel. I can’t be broken. But I can bend.
You better believe. I’ve held that sky… From falling. On a friend. Giving more. Because that is who… I am.
A warrior’s heart. Poetically engineered. A half soul bastard… On my way home.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart




high maintenance heart