my lyrical demise part III

technology kills me. because it makes it easier, to become easy. questionable pictures, lust driven maniacs. everyone in your business. looking to be known for something. as i’ve been known, just to ramble off the things… i’ve come to know. but i’m not here, for some cheap fucking thrill. for everything i do, comes back down on me… twice as hard. and i don’t really have many friends. even when it comes to those social media machines. because i’ve seen all kinds of evils, in all the colors. different walks, speaking beyond their tongues. and i can’t say, if it’s worth the pain. spending years, staring at this wall. talking to myself. breaking hearts, because they couldn’t realize. i’m not the one… for their social disease. and i’ve never been able to handle, those one night stands. you’ve got to show me, there’s more to you… than just lost moments, within the sand . as i find it ridiculous. not to go all in. giving my heart hell. riding it hard. even if it’s to the bitter end. because what’s the point. if you’re not willing to break for… what you build.
-joshua ryan stewart


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