my lyrical demise part II


i cannot find it in me, to hate a single person. because my closet is full of the things i’ve done. yet i can’t help, but to come undone. rambling the nonsense this life has left me with.
a picture perfect scene, is how the story goes. and mine has come and gone, lifetimes at a time. although the cover, never really tells the true story. and you have to read into the characters, to feel their definition. now only if reading someone, wasn’t like learning a forgotten language… that no one was willing to speak.
fighting for what was always leaving. getting tossed to the wolves. i sure do know them all, by their scent… still lingering within these scars. a battle born warrior, lost within the causes.
as i’ve slept with the devil, and called her baby. with divine lines, falling from grace. too many times. trying to save… what was killing me. through all the pain. from the moments… that just kept multiplying. realizing you can’t fight the world alone… for something, more than you.
the hardest decade of my life. is still teaching me lessons… i hope no one else needs to learn. but it gave me a few of the greatest blessings, i’ll probably ever know. yet i still have to say, this world… full of people. damn sure could… use a few lessons, of their own. within a forgotten language, no one is willing to speak.
-joshua ryan stewart


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