My lyrical demise part I

It’s been thirteen years. Since I put that bottle down. A every day thing. All goddamn day long. Although now, I’ll drink a little. Here and there. A social call. And I don’t miss it… One fucking bit. Like those pills. Ain’t nothing but cheap thrills. And I’m far from cheap. When I thrill.
One thing I can credit my ex life to. She helped me quit… Too bad, she couldn’t help herself.
Stealing her from a friend. Wasn’t hard… It never was. For the likes of me. But it wasn’t a game. Yet it gave me shame.
Her and her so called friends. Cocaine, alcohol and no good souls. Corrupting the world. With their selfish ways. I’ve been there. So I can call them, as they are.
Everyone’s looking for their own. Stomping everything in the way. That’s no way, to save this world. And a so called love… Outdated with the times.
And if I piss you off. I’m not apologizing. Unless I personally stole your shine. Otherwise… Sit your ass down. As I unwind my head. Trying to save your soul… From the things. I now have to sleep with.
-Joshua Ryan Stewart